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                CQD-90G High Speed Ultrasonic Label Cutter

                CQD-90G High Speed Ultrasonic Label Cutter
                CQD-90G High Speed Ultrasonic Label Cutter is one of the essential equipment in garment label printing industry. The ultrasonic generator used in the machine is imported. By PLC control system the machine can cut the soft tapes of di erent material by fixed or unfixed length with soft and non-frayed edge as well as crease di erent folding marks on the cut labels. It is now one of the updated cutting equipment. lt adopt titanium alloy cutter, super wearresistance and it can be used long time.
                MAIN COMPONENTS:
                • Color guide sensor DATASENSOR/ITALY
                • PLC PANSONIC/Japan
                • Ultrasonic generator K-SONIC/Taiwan
                Technical Parameter
                Cutting length Label width Speed Power Color guide size Weight (L x W x H)
                10-999£®mm£© 10-80£®mm£© Max. 600times/min 1400W >6x0.6mm 180kg 0.9x0.6x1.4m

                CopyRight By 2014 SHANGHAI XINHU MACHINERY CO.,LTD